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Happy Birthday Milieus! by ThatOneWhimsicott Happy Birthday Milieus! :iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 5 4 Gems 2 by ThatOneWhimsicott Gems 2 :iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 1 0 Gems 1 by ThatOneWhimsicott Gems 1 :iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 2 0 Wonk by ThatOneWhimsicott Wonk :iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 1 2 Fluff and Kirby by ThatOneWhimsicott Fluff and Kirby :iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 1 0 Cutie by ThatOneWhimsicott Cutie :iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 0 0 Thehandwizzzzzz by ThatOneWhimsicott Thehandwizzzzzz :iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 3 4 Perijohn Egdot by ThatOneWhimsicott Perijohn Egdot :iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 1 0 The Right-Hand Deliquent by ThatOneWhimsicott The Right-Hand Deliquent :iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 1 0 The Donut Cop by ThatOneWhimsicott The Donut Cop :iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 1 2 The Cute Con-Artist by ThatOneWhimsicott The Cute Con-Artist :iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 1 0 Img 20160716 200356 by ThatOneWhimsicott Img 20160716 200356 :iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 4 0
The Better
A few days ago, I was talking with a little girl about Star Wars.
She asked me who was the better character, Rey or Finn?
It was a tough decision, but I chose Finn.
Then she asked me who was the better person.
And I had no answer.
:iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 0 0
Her Cheerleader
I have a cheerleader.
She’s always there for me, ready to lay a clawed hand on my shoulder.
She’s always here to back me up.
If I was a storm before, with her I’m a tsunami.
She’s always ready to cheer me on, but she’s never behind me.
My cheerleader is always right by my side.
:iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 0 0
Prospects of Okay Singing
Oscar lay down on his bed and sighed.
Nothing like a good mystery before going to sleep.
Even if you’ve read the book several times.
Nevertheless, he loved the book and was sucked into it by the 2nd chapter.
Oscar was so engrossed in the book in fact, that he didn’t notice a slight plinking against his window.
And the plinking kept getting louder.
As soon as he noticed it, he set his book down and went to the window.
It was incredibly dark outside but he could make out a dark figure in the shadows.
A mystery! he thought excitedly.
Oscar opened the window, and was greeted by a rock to the face.
He heard a familiar voice call out. “Oh shit! Oscar, are you okay?”
“Yes Shauna, I’m having a whale of a time. What are you doing here in the bloody middle of the night?!” he exclaimed angrily.
“Well, apparently Roxy and Jamie are having a party with some of the other members of the crew, and I thought you’d like to join!”
Oscar t
:iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 0 0
The Zombie Song
Our love story, could be kind of gory
That stupid song again.
Chanson sighed, it kept coming up in her playlist of music, no matter how many times she shuffled it. It was almost mocking, really.
Far from boring, we’d meet at a post--apocalypse
Well, mocking in the sense that it reminded her of something...someone she’d rather not think about.
Yeah, I’d be slowly walking, in a group stalking you-
Mocking in the sense it perfectly described her troubles.
You’d be the only man alive that I, could not resist~
Chanson almost turned the song off then.
And all of your friends, they’d try to kill us, but only because they’d be jealous-
But, her thoughts started to drift again to that certain someone.
That our love is deeper than Edward, and Bella’s~
She’d had relationships before, but this was different. She felt different about this one person. For many reasons, she assumed.
Oh, if I were a zombie, I&
:iconthatonewhimsicott:ThatOneWhimsicott 0 0


HSM_The Main God Tiers by Chivi-chivik HSM_The Main God Tiers :iconchivi-chivik:Chivi-chivik 35 24 Beemoid Size Chart by Aevix Beemoid Size Chart :iconaevix:Aevix 59 11 Beemoid Species Reference [Open Species!] by Aevix Beemoid Species Reference [Open Species!] :iconaevix:Aevix 234 75 NocWalker Species Ref [CLOSED SPECIES] by Boybites NocWalker Species Ref [CLOSED SPECIES] :iconboybites:Boybites 258 87 Thoughts on Wings by Uzlo Thoughts on Wings :iconuzlo:Uzlo 25,619 1,203 Guardian [Pose Reference for Drawing] by SenshiStock Guardian [Pose Reference for Drawing] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 628 64 Tea Party [Pose Reference for Drawing] by SenshiStock Tea Party [Pose Reference for Drawing] :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 271 15 BeanieStuck Base by Reo-ji BeanieStuck Base :iconreo-ji:Reo-ji 337 7 Homestuck sprite sheet by BurningQuantumCola Homestuck sprite sheet :iconburningquantumcola:BurningQuantumCola 339 23 Trolls sprite-sheet Pokemon style by PremuLoki Trolls sprite-sheet Pokemon style :iconpremuloki:PremuLoki 679 142 Homestuck Mouths Sprite Sheet by blahjerry Homestuck Mouths Sprite Sheet :iconblahjerry:blahjerry 872 23 Homestuck God Tier Sprite Sheet Part 3 by blahjerry Homestuck God Tier Sprite Sheet Part 3 :iconblahjerry:blahjerry 902 187 Homestuck Eyes Sprite Sheet by blahjerry Homestuck Eyes Sprite Sheet :iconblahjerry:blahjerry 959 40 Homestuck Hair Sprite Sheet by blahjerry Homestuck Hair Sprite Sheet :iconblahjerry:blahjerry 858 63 JANEEEEYYYY by wcender JANEEEEYYYY :iconwcender:wcender 3 1 Joey (ANIMATION!) by wcender Joey (ANIMATION!) :iconwcender:wcender 7 2


ThatOneWhimsicott's Profile Picture
Sam Montgomery
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm a probably awesome newly teened... leo person (13 you egg) who loves gaming, fandoms, cartoons, roleplaying, and making awesome art. Homestuck, Undertale, Hunter x Hunter, Steven Universe, and Overwatch are amazing. (Warning, severe shipper)


Oh my gosh there are free MySelfy gatchas. yesss
regular watchers these are really good for character design practice…
Happy Birthday Milieus!
Happy (kind of) belated birthday for this awesome person milieus !
Wishing you a great year Mill!
(Also have my terrible cake. what is the use of a paper/screen cake is, idk but there ya go)

Again sorry for bad camerawork!
Gems 2
Pt. 2
Purple Pearl

Ill make their actual profiles soon probably dont count on it.
Gems 1
So, guess who finally started drawing their gems?
moi. moi is who.
also i found a good coloring technique.

Grey Pearl
; ) i love this ship and need to redo this drawing


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